APC Air Distribution Unit 2U RM 230/208V 50/60HZ


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Product Overview

APC Air Distribution Unit 2U RM 230/208V 50/60HZ Features

The Rack Air Distribution Unit is a 2U fan unit that connects into the raised floor and pulls supply air directly into the enclosure. This prevents the conditioned air from mixing with warmer room air before reaching the equipment. This minimizes temperature differences between the top and bottom of the enclosure, while also preventing hot exhaust air recirculation to the inlet of the enclosure. The product is recommended for rack enclosures with loads greater than 1.5kW and can provide airflow for loads up to 3.5kW. It is also ideal for enclosures in raised floor environments where underfloor air distribution is inadequate.

Includes: Rack Mounting brackets, User Manual

Mounting rails 
Adjustable depth allows the unit to fit APC NetShelter enclosures or other 19" EIA-310-D enclosures.
Fan control switches 
Users can turn one or both fans on and off depending on the heat load.
Fan guards 
A safety measure that provides protection from the fan opening by covering the inlet.
Dual fans 
Provides fault tolerance in the event of a fan failure.
Promotes Proper Airflow 
Helps to maintain proper rack temperatures within the enclosure by promoting top to bottom airflow movement.
Dual A-B Power Inputs 
Draws power from the UPS for power protection with dual feeds for redundancy.
Output Connections:
Input Connections:
C-13; IEC-320 C14
Increases Airflow
Provides proper intake temperatures, increasing equipment life.
Easy to install
Innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.

Warranty Information

Manufacture’s 2 years repair or replace


(No reviews yet) Write a Review