APC Rack Air Removal Unit SX 100-240V 50/60HZ for NetShelter 600mm Enclosures


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Product Overview

APC Rack Air Removal Unit SX 100-240V 50/60HZ for NetShelter 600mm Enclosures Features

High-density equipment creates an environment where traditional air distribution methods are often not effective. Densely packed enclosures can cause IT equipment to overheat, resulting in downtime. The Rack Air Removal Unit SX captures exhaust heat, returns the warm air to the plenum and eliminates hot spots from the data center. Through automatic fan speed control based upon temperature, the fans will self-adjust for optimal performance. With a unit-mounted LCD display, users can view temperatures at the rack, monitor alarm conditions and adjust unit set points. The integrated network management card allows for remote monitoring and control. This space-saving solution mounts to the back of either the NetShelter SX or VX enclosure, requiring zero U space.

Includes: Documentation CD, Installation guide, Operations and maintenance manual

Fan guards 
A safety measure that provides protection from the fan opening by covering the inlet.
Field replaceable components 
Fans and electronics module can be readily replaced without uninstalling the unit.
Increased capacity 
Higher rate of heat removal allows more equipment to be installed in each rack.
Adjustable mounting frame 
The frame can mount on Netshelter SX or VX enclosures and extends to accommodate 42U, 47U or 48U rack heights.
Fault-tolerant fan system 
In the event of a fan failure, the remaining fan(s) will continue to operate.
LCD display  
Alpha-Numeric Display which displays system parameters and alarms.
Temperature monitoring 
Changes in temperature are reported via the user interface or e-mail.
Ducted Exhaust System 
Removes hot air from the data center to prevent re-circulation and eliminate air mixing.
Zero "U" Solution 
Mounts to the rear of the rack, leaving valuable rack space for other equipment.
Dual A-B Power Inputs 
Draws power from the UPS for power protection with dual feeds for redundancy.
Output Connections:
Input Connections:
IEC-320 C14; NEMA 5-15P
Increases Airflow
Provides proper intake temperatures, increasing equipment life.
Easy to install
Innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.

Warranty Information

Manufacture’s 1 year parts only.


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