APC VED for 750mm Wide Tall Range / Vertical Exhaust Duct Kit for SX Enclosure


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Product Overview

APC VED for 750mm Wide Tall Range / Vertical Exhaust Duct Kit for SX Enclosure Features

Vertical Exhaust Duct (VED) System for NetShelter SX is a low cost easy to install solution that mounts to the top rear of NetShelter enclosures to capture and return hot exhaust air to room cooling systems.

Includes: Baying hardware, Duct panels, Foam gasket strips, Installation guide, Mounting Hardware, Rear door and bottom sealing kit, Roof, Roof mounting hardware

Optional sensors  
Add sensors to compatible NetBotz Appliances for monitoring temperature, humidity, fluid, vibration, dust particles, etc.
Increased capacity 
Higher rate of heat removal allows more equipment to be installed in each rack.
Ducted Exhaust System 
Removes hot air from the data center to prevent re-circulation and eliminate air mixing.
Zero "U" Solution 
Mounts to the rear of the rack, leaving valuable rack space for other equipment.
Increases the capacity of the air conditioner by supplying a warmer return air temperature.
Increases Airflow
Provides proper intake temperatures, increasing equipment life.
Easy to install
Innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.

Warranty Information

Manufacture’s 2 years repair or replace


(No reviews yet) Write a Review