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Product Overview

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) from Custom Networks can provide your data center with much-needed management solutions. For a PDU with increased capabilities that you can rely on, our technicians recommend APC’s AP7800. This device not only manages power currents, but it also remotely monitors the connected loads of each socket. When space is at a premium, this PDU will improve efficiency, increase transparency, and help you manage your data center.

Metered Rack


What sets this APC model apart from other PDUs is its power metering capabilities. The device actively meters the energy usage of each individual socket. As you add new equipment, you can observe its immediate impact on the current. Constant monitoring allows you to stop overloads before they become a threat. Users can set an alarm threshold. Once power levels exceed defined limits, a visual and network alarm will trigger, notifying you and mitigating risks. The information provided by the metered rack PDU also optimizes energy usage. With real-time consumption data, IT personnel can make informed decisions that improve load balancing and reduce overall energy usage. This metered rack PDU is not just a management tool; it provides insight into a data center’s efficiency, and it can reduce total energy costs.

Additional Features


APC’s AP7800 is an intelligent PDU that meets the increased demands and density of modern data centers. Horizontal, vertical, and toolless mounting options provide the versatility needed for ideal placement in a crowded data center. To save you time, this PDU uses remote management technology, which allows users to access and manage the device through standard-based networks. It distributes inputs and outputs of 120V. This adaptability will mean your data center is prepared to handle mission critical loads efficiently. Regular firmware updates are available for networked PDUs, so your device will always be compliant with the most recent technologies and have up-to-date features.

For all of the details on the capabilities and features of APC’s AP7800, read the product description below. Custom Networks is a trusted provider of APC solutions. We invite you to browse our entire selection of metered rack PDUs and our selection of basic rack PDUs. Our sales representatives can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today!

Warranty Information

Manufacture’s 2 years repair or replace


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