​Climate Change, Is Your Business Prepared?

Posted by Custom Networks Inc. on 30th Sep 2020

​Climate Change, Is Your Business Prepared?

121⁰ F - the highest temperature ever recorded on September 6, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. With global warming and extreme climate changes on the rise, the frequency and devastation of natural disasters have also increased significantly. Alongside the pandemic, 2020 has been ripe with wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and more. It’s simple science-- as the atmosphere heats up, natural disasters receive an extra boost of heat to leave behind disastrous results than ever before.

For the cities located near the Gulf of Mexico, climate change has increased the frequency of heavy down pours, hurricanes and electrical storms. Flooding and power outages are a common reality for many residing in the southern most cities of the USA. Lightning from electrical storms, are a common cause for power outages. Electrical equipment or trees falling onto power lines struck by lightning are an all too common reason for outages. Earthquakes and wildfires, another common reality for many living on the West Coast.

The reality is that it it’s not a matter of ‘if’ natural disasters will cause electrical failure, it’s ‘when.’ Even though there has been an uptake in businesses investing in critical power solutions, it all comes down to the sensitivity of the grid. You may have invested in a UPS solution and called it a day, but the right environment, updated battery and many other things will all come into play when Mother Nature comes calling.

Things to consider

Natural Disasters are notorious for causing outages. In some cases, to prevent further damage, electric utility companies like the National Grid may need to make the tough call and shut down electrical equipment in certain areas, hence, affecting power supply for days. Without a; Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS); a safe equipment shutdown in such instances is nearly impossible, likewise, receiving a warning in advance is rare.

For businesses that have a UPS system already installed, it is important to remember that they contain fragile electronic components requiring stable and precise environmental conditions, specified by each UPS manufacturer.

Not only are suitable environmental conditions necessary for a fully functioning UPS, extreme temperatures are often the common cause for battery degradation. On average, UPS manufacturers quote a battery operating temperature for optimal functionality at 68⁰F-77⁰F. Temperatures must be strictly maintained, otherwise, for every 5⁰ difference, the life of the battery is reduced by 50%.

With that said, a climate-controlled room equipped with precision cooling is necessary. Humans prefer comfort cooling-- we use air conditioning in warm weather and heating in cooler temperatures. Whereas IT equipment requires precision cooling-- where you feed them a constant temperature and humidity throughout the year. Read  our blog on how not only can APC cooling solutions protect your business against the effects of climate change, but can also save you hundreds and thousands of dollars.

The Solution

Not only do APC UPS systems provide clean power during an outage, they also help keep business-critical equipment safe from power surges and spikes. Once the availability of power reaches the established threshold, UPS will perform a graceful shutdown to avoid loss of business data.

Another great solution is the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy project . A government initiative helping Americans across the USA identify clean, efficient and secure energy saving opportunities. Since its founding, the EERE has helped thousands of households, businesses and industries acquire clean, efficient and secure stable energy; saving them from catastrophic damage.

Installing a APC UPS or upgrading to a modern UPS back-ups pro can also offer opportunities for energy saving and reduce a business’ environmental impact. Embrace climate change by not only preparing yourself and your business for its effects, but also by taking part in minimizing our carbon footprint.

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