Top Advantages of Intranets

Posted by Custom Networks Inc. on 8th Dec 2015

An intranet is a closed network that exists within an organization. Generally, only people within the company will have access to this communication resource. Websites on this network look and operate as they would typically on the Internet. However, a firewall typically surrounds this network and prevents others from accessing it. 


This resource can improve and enhance productivity. When workers have access to information on an intranet through a web browser, they can find it quickly whenever they need it, 24/7.

Higher Quality Work

Employees typically have more confidence in their finished work product because of their access to this information.

Higher Service Level

Customers often receive better service thanks to this enhanced productivity and information availability.


Employees using this type of network can work together more effectively, even from remote locations. Employees can operate better as a team and stay apprised of project updates more easily.

Jumping onboard to this networking interface cables can make it possible for a company to remain on the cutting edge of technology and applicable business operations and ensure seamless global deployment of services.