When Is it Time to Establish Dedicated Circuits?

Posted by Custom Networks Inc. on 21st Dec 2015

A dedicated circuit is a special connection that is designated for a specific purpose. Any connected electrical system or appliance that serves high demands or holds sensitive information can benefit from having its circuit isolated from other electric devices. 

Setting up a dedicated circuit will require a separate circuit breaker designed for this single use. This circuit can keep computers and other crucial electronic systems running without interruption. This ensures that these systems will function regardless of other potential overloads that might occur. Improper shutdowns from an unexpected loss of uninterruptible power supply can cause devastating problems in a business. This type of configuration can prevent costly loss of  sensitive data or the inability to retrieve it when needed.

Just as many of the larger appliances in a home are often served by dedicated circuits, it's important to consider the amperage required by server racks and other major electronics.

Computers form the framework of many organizations. Keep them running at lightning speed with an uninterruptible power supply and without interruption with a dedicated circuit.