​Which Type of Power Supply Unit is Right for My Business?

Posted by Custom Networks Inc. on 9th Dec 2020

​Which Type of Power Supply Unit is Right for My Business?

Business owners whose daily exertions depend on a reliable power source understand the importance of a secure and continuous supply of electricity. Protection of your business-critical equipment and data is of the utmost importance for all business owners—big or small. Power outages or fluctuations that last mere seconds can bring about disastrous outcomes.

Accordingly, investing in a Battery Back Up Power Supply may have been a pressing matter on your mind for some time now. However, bankrolling a power back-up supply is a not an easy decision, and we want to help you make the best decision for your business needs.

What is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply (for PC) is exactly what it spells out. UPS are a popular Battery Back Up Power Supply unit that not only become your best friend during outages but also navigate through power fluctuations that occur unbeknownst to us on the daily. Power outages and fluctuations, whether you realize it or not, are costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars with each occurrence.

Some disasters UPS averts are:

  • Sudden shut down of equipment due to loss of power
  • Damage to electrical equipment
  • Early breakdown of power sensitive equipment
  • Discontinued flow of power
  • Loss of important business data

A UPS uses batteries that charge when the power is on—similar to a Battery Back Up Power Supply. When an outage or variation in power supply occurs, a UPS instantly uses the stored energy to power equipment.

A few benefits of a UPS system are:

  • Immediate backup power supply
  • Makes no noise
  • Supplements emergency power from a backup generator
  • Eco-friendly
  • Portable in size
  • Requires less maintenance

Types of UPS you need to know

There are two main types of UPS systems you need to know of.

Double Conversion Online

A Double Conversion Online UPS is always ‘online.’ This means that the inverter is always on, continuously supplying fresh, reliable power supply. This UPS is essential for those with mission-critical equipment like hospitals, data centers or if you just require access to the grid at all times. It can withstand large fluctuations from the input voltage before switching to battery power immediately after an issue has been detected. This UPS provides nearly an ideal electrical output performance.

Double conversion on-line UPS

Any failure of the input AC does not cause activation of the transfer switch, because the input AC is charging the backup battery source which provides power to the output inverter. Therefore, during an input AC power failure, on-line operation results in no transfer time. Both the battery charger and the inverter convert the entire load of power flow in this design.

Line Interactive

Line Interactive UPS

The Line Interactive UPS is the most common UPS used for small businesses, web and departmental servers. This UPS is especially effective in areas where power outages are rare but fluctuations in power are a common occurrence. The line interactive technology helps to reduce the impact of spikes, surges and sags by boosting power or switching to battery backup. High efficiency, small size, low cost and high reliability coupled with the ability to correct low or high line voltage conditions make this the dominant type of UPS in the 0.5-5 kVA power range.

Still not sure which UPS is right for you? UPS are a crucial piece of machinery that will become an invaluable asset for your business operations. Let us help you make the right decision. Contact us and receive a free consultation from our expert engineers and make the smarter choice for your business today. Call us at 978.392.0060, ext. 111 or email us at sales@customnetworks.net. For more product information please visit us at https://www.customnetworks.net/.