Why investing in a UPS solution will save you hundreds of dollars

Posted by Custom Networks Inc. on 17th Sep 2020

Why investing in a UPS solution will save you hundreds of dollars

Power outages are a thing of the past, right? Unfortunately, this is far from reality. The reality is the average business experiences a multitude of daily power outages or fluctuations. As a result, a significant loss of crucial data, disruptions in daily operations, and heavy financial blows become a daily occurrence. Whilst the occasional power shortage may not have any major implications for the average person, however, chances are, if your business relies on electrical power, the results of even a few seconds of fluctuation in electricity can bring about major losses.

The solution? You’ve heard of UPS- the United Parcel Service, but have you heard about UPS- the Uninterruptible Power Supply? UPS or an Uninterruptible Power Supply is exactly what it spells out. A continuous or uninterrupted source of power, a solution where worries about power outages or fluctuations become a thing of the past. Investing in a UPS system is crucial in order to minimize risk of data and financial loss and oversee smooth daily operations for a bright and fruitful future for your business.

This type of expansion can, of course, depend on many factors but having both a reliable and future-proofed UPS solution in place is a vital part of any organization's fundamental foundations to help support growth and achieve strategic goals.

Assess your current UPS solution

You might have been considering a UPS system for some time now, but, where to begin? To begin with, you need to assess what UPS solution works for you.

Often, due to tight budgets and limited space, many businesses invest in UPS solutions that only allow for protecting the existing electrical load at the time of a current project. This may seem like a smart move in the moment; however, this only makes future expansion difficult. As your business grows, so does the demand for electrical power, leading the original UPS system being over-loaded with no battery back-up. Hence, the UPS is most likely leaving your critical data systems vulnerable to disruption, loss of data, loss of revenue, damage to its reputation, and most importantly, loss of investment that you initially put into your UPS system. This may result in investing in a whole new UPS system if the current one is no longer functioning optimally.

Hence, what’s needed is an Energy Audit. A certified field engineer will conduct an on-site visit and assess your power usage and present to you a complete summary analysing your IT efficiency, potential threats or deficiencies, a general rating of your data centre, and recommendations for improvement. This is a smart move because it will ultimately help you gain a better understanding of where your business stands and understand whether a UPS system is right for you.

Planning future needs

Once the audit is complete, you will have gained better oversight into what UPS solution can be custom tailored to your needs. Sizing a UPS solution that fits your needs will support potential business growth and your increase in electrical consumption over time.

Thankfully, with that said, purchasing a large UPS system from the get-go isn’t necessary. Large UPS systems are often way-out of budget for small businesses with real-world budget constraints. Hence, what is needed is a ‘Custom Network.’ A UPS system that is flexible and grows in harmony with your business without significant financial burden. At Custom Networks, we build UPS systems that works for you. For example, a business experiencing rapid growth may consider adding 50kW modules to their UPS system, rather than trying to accommodate and budget for an unknown future capacity or even worse, trying to justify which amongst their numerous critical systems must be put at risk. This is one of many ways a custom UPS system can be built to plan and support for future needs.

Bespoke solutions

Are power outages and fluctuations wreaking havoc on your business? Considering a UPS solution for your business but not sure where to begin? At Custom Networks we take pride in helping small and big businesses with our competitive prices. We help you plan for protection now and the future. Get in touch with our friendly team by calling us 978.392.0060, ext. 111 or email us at sales@customnetworks.net.